Voimio SMS Gateway

Supported Networks

  • E-Plus
  • MVNO E-Plus - Telogic (Vistream)
  • MVNO E-Plus - Vintage Wireless (Sipgate SIM)
  • MVNO Vodafone - Lycamobile
  • T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom)
  • Telefonica O2 Germany
  • Vodafone Germany

Sending Features

When sending SMS to Germany, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Any Language
  • Any Length
  • Fast Delivery
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Dynamic Sender ID
  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Receive Replies
  • Number Validation
  • Expiry Date/Time

We’ve been using TM4B for many years. We use it remind patients of their appointments and have found that it has definitely reduced the number of non-attendees. We also use it to recall patients for their annual check-up and hygiene visits and this has also been very effective.

Our old and trusted method of letters, envelopes, print and stamps is now reserved for more formal contact.

It is a cost-effective, unobtrusive and efficient method that has proved very popular with patients.

TM4B always resolve our queries promptly and efficiently, and I would highly recommend both the system and the company.

Dr Michael Szasz | Founder @ Oradent

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